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You can offer everything with anny, such as offices, workplaces, parking spaces, events, and equipment. You can create these as resources under the menu item Resources with New+.

Multiple workplaces in a company can easily be combined as child resources. For example, create a room as a resource and add the individual desks under the tab Multiple Available with Assignment as Child Resources. You can find out more here.

Services / Booking options

Define how something can be posted.

Specify exactly how long or short a booking may be. The booking duration can be flexible or have a fixed duration.

Booking area vs. admin area

Admin area: Here you can find all central settings, manage your bookings and evaluate them in the dashboard.

Pro tip: Optionally, you can also add administrative users to your organization and manage their rights, for more information here.

Booking area:

Your team can discover, filter and book your resources with just one click.

Weekly planner:

The weekly planner is the heart of the booking area. Here, your employees can set their individual favorites and conveniently book their favorite places with just one click per day.

Pro tip: We also have a Teams app so you can plan your week directly through Teams.


You determine who can see which resource and book it under which conditions.
Protected areas are only accessible and visible to members. Each community has its own booking page, which only members can access. Communities can be created either for the whole company, for your entire company, or only for individual teams. You can find more information here.

Become a member of a community

Add manually:
You can use your email address to manually invite your members to the community

Add automatically:

Your team can be automatically assigned to the right community via single sign-on and attribute mapping.


Enable your team to log in securely via single sign-on. Here, employees can conveniently log in with their company log-in (business email address/user ID), which makes it necessary to create an account. You can find our SSO Guide here.


Visualize your rooms and workplaces on an interactive map. In the map view, you can see where your colleagues are located and find them using the search function. You can find out how to do this here.

Room displays

Show bookings directly in front of the room on a display, and allow on-site bookings via the display. Find out more here.

Optional: External offers

On your public booking page you can also offer external offers and events, such as the summer party, customer appointments or courses.

Typically, our customers need 4–10 days for a successful setup and implementation. Feel free to contact our Customer Success Team.

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