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Creating communities and working effectively with a community
Creating communities and working effectively with a community

With this article we explain how you can manage your internal bookings via anny through communities.

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What are communities?

There is the possibility to distinguish between internal and external bookings. You use communities to manage internal bookings.

  • External bookings (public)
    Contains all bookings directly from your public booking page.

  • Internal bookings (non-public)
    Selected resources are made available to members only.
    Example of an internal booking:
    You want to make workstations available to your employees. Outsiders should not be able to see or book them.

    To take advantage of communities a member must have an anny account. Learn more: Invite members manually

How do I create a new community?

  1. Click on "Communities" in the left navigation bar

  2. Then click on "New+" at the top right

How to activate the community feature:

  1. Click on your avatar on the upper right corner (three lines)

  2. Account settings

  3. Features

  4. Communities > ON

Now you can also find them in the left navigation bar.

How do I assign resources to a community?

In order for members of a community to book the correct resources, they must be linked.

Assignment option 1:

If you want the entire organization to be accessible only to people in your community, please select the "Add organizations" option above. This will result in all your resources being automatically selected and only bookable by members of the community.

Assignment Option 2:

Individual resources can be added to communities for granular access.

How can customers join my community?

Option 1 : Auto-Join

Enable auto-join to automatically add new members based on rules such as email domain. When this feature is combined with enterprise single sign-on (SSO), users can immediately access community resources without logging in again.

There are two different options here.

1. Auto-Join über die TLD (Domain)

Newly registered customers will be added to the community if their email address matches one of your verified domains.

To do this, go to:

  1. Auto-Join within your community and enable automatic joining

  2. Click on "+ ADD OWNED DOMAIN"

  3. Now enter your domain name (here in the example:

2. Auto-Join via the automatic join via booking

You can also be automatically assigned to a community via a booking you have made.

Option 2 : Invite Manually

You can also invite your community members manually:

  1. Click on members

  2. Insert the email address of the person to invite

  3. Check your details under "open invitations"

  4. Here you can also "Resend" or "Delete" the invitations.

Tip: You can also prepare an internal Excel list and copy all email addresses at once into the upper field. Or create several email addresses at the same time, separated by a comma.

Your members will receive an invitation by mail, which must be accepted to join the community:

To remove members from the community:

  1. Click on Members

  2. Search the person via searchbar

  3. Click on delete

  4. Confirm your action

The person will not receive any information about it. You can invite removed members again later.

Visibility and access to resources

For granular access, individual resources can be added to the community. If your organization is previously selected, all resources will be included.

This resource is visible and bookable for everyone (e.g. employees) on your booking page.

For example, you want everyone to be able to book these flex desks.

This resource is not visible to outsiders, only community members can see and book this resource.

For example, you want only internals to be able to book these parking spaces.

This resource is visible to everyone on your booking page, but only community members can book it.

Note: With "Visible and bookable for members only" the following display appears for all non-members:

Booking in a community (booking page)

Note: The communities are only visible if you have an anny account and are logged in.

As soon as you are logged in, you can book with just one click.

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