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How do I book my workspace and meeting room? Hybrid Work user profile
How do I book my workspace and meeting room? Hybrid Work user profile

Here, we'll tell you everything about your anny user profile

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In this article, you will find all information about your anny user profile for community members or employees.


If your company has set up SSO, you can log in as usual using your company login.

Alternatively, you can create a user profile with your own password.

Week planner - plan your week in just 5 clicks

Here you can access your personal week planner in the browser

Week planner: Your favorite resources are displayed here in the weekly view. Plan your week in the office and book your favorite rooms and places to work.

Favorite resources to add them to your Week planner:

Favorites: Here you will find all resources (desks etc.) that you can book. You can add more favorites and adjust the order.

You can also book directly via the Map view. All green objects can be selected and are still available.

Incognito mode: If you want to remain anonymous in the office, you can also activate 'incognito mode' in your user profile. This means your colleagues can no longer see where you are sitting.

How do I search for and find my team or people?

How do I invite my team or coworkers?

How do I create an avatar or upload my profile picture?

Overview of the booking page in the browser:

On your organization's booking page, you can see all its available resources and mark them as favorites.

Mobile anny App

You can also make bookings via the anny app on your smartphone. Here you can find more information about the anny App.

anny MS Teams App

First install the anny Teams app from the MS Teams App Store, if this has not already been done by your system administrator.

You can pin the anny Teams app to your sidebar to find it more quickly.

Room booking via the MS Outlook Add-In

Further help Outlook Add-In

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