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Introduction for admin users
Introduction for admin users

Here we'll guide you step by step through the admin area of anny.

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1. Configure profile notifications:

If you click on your AVI (the circle at the top right), you will see the first option

Profile & Notifications. Here, you can set up your profile, your desired language, and specify which notifications you would like to receive.

Pro tip: You'll find your user profile here, this will be visible to your coworkers when you book resources outside the admin area.

2. Manage resources:

You can find your resources on the left-hand side menu under Resources. Here you can adjust the description, imagery or opening hours and edit individual resources.
Under the item AvailabilityDisplay child resources, you will find the list of the respective workplaces/child resources. Individual desks can be deactivated or renamed here. You can browse through the tabs to get more familiar with the settings.

3. Calendar:

You will find a Calendar with all bookings in the admin area. Create special happenings, such as renovations outside regular opening hours, in the calendar.

Create blocker:

Create blockers to block certain time periods for bookings.

Click in the calendar and select your time period. Select the Create blocker option and create a blocker to block the entire resource.

Create bookings:

You can also create new bookings in the calendar. Here you can add bookings for third parties or guests.

Use the guided time selection for automatic appointment suggestions.

4. Manage bookings

In the Bookings tab, you can view all bookings in the system and filter them by date or resource. You can also create new bookings or blockers here using the +. Monitor the status of bookings, including expired bookings.

Booking status:

  • confirmed: Booking was successful

  • requested: waiting for confirmation from an admin user

  • expired: Booking was not checked in on time and has therefore expired (automatically)

  • reserved: Booking is currently at the customer's check-out and cannot be edited by the admin. Each booking is reserved in the check-out (shopping cart) for 15 minutes to enable a barrier-free booking process. Reservations are automatically deleted after expiry if the booking has not been completed.

5. Check-in function:

Use the check-in feature to check in bookings manually. Search for people or scan QR codes for a quick process.

  • open the Check-In tab in the navigation bar on the left

  • click on camera or hand scanner to check in the ticket

With these steps, you are well-equipped to use the admin area effectively and manage your breathing zone in anny optimally.

If you have any further questions, please contact the support team.

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