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Microsoft 365 (M365) Integration
Microsoft 365 (M365) Integration

Learn more about anny's 2-way M365 Integration

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This integration makes synchronisation between anny and your Outlook resources calendar seamless and efficient. The 2-way synchronisation ensures that there are no more overlapping appointments and allows your team to continue inviting or blocking rooms for meetings in MS Teams and Outlook as usual.



What is transferred?

Deactivating and deleting the integration


To set up the M365 integration, you need administrator rights for your M365 organization account. With the integration, all M365 resources of your organization are recorded and can be individually connected to the anny resources if required. The integration can only be connected for one M365 organization.


Log in with your M365 admin account. Then open the account settings in your anny admin area and select the Integrations tab.

Select the M365 integration and click on Authorize.

Once your account is connected, you can add rules and assign the resources to each other. Select the corresponding Outlook resource for your anny resource.

What is transferred?

anny → Microsoft 365

All bookings of your anny resource are automatically entered in the Outlook calendar. The corresponding appointment is created, updated or deleted within a few seconds.

Microsoft 365 → anny

Appointments that are created in the Outlook calendar are automatically transferred to anny. They are defined as blockers and can be edited or deleted in anny. Bookings can still be created via Outlook / MS Teams.

Synchronization period

The integration synchronizes from the current day for the next six months. Appointments and bookings outside this period are ignored unless the user moves them manually.


In the Outlook calendar, the synchronized appointments have a dark blue hue, similar to anny's blue. Appointments from your Outlook calendar are displayed in gray in anny.


The integration transfers "busy" and "available" settings in the calendar and shows them as unavailable in the Anny calendar. Bookings of child resources are also synchronized. Note that the integration is always on the parent resource and cannot be set up individually for specific child resources.

Series and booking activity

Serial appointments are treated like individual appointments and lead to corresponding bookings.

Deactivating and deleting the integration

Activation initiates the initial synchronization. When deactivated and reactivated, only new appointments and bookings are transferred. Deactivation stops the synchronization, but no existing entries are removed. Deleting the integration is required for complete removal.

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