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How do I connect external calendars?
How do I connect external calendars?

Here you can learn how to connect an external calendar from Google, Outlook or Apple with anny.

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You have the possibility to add an external calendar to anny, so that no bookings can be made on existing appointments. To do this, go to Resources and select the resource to which the calendar should be connected. Then select Calendar in the upper bar.

Here you can add any external calendar with an ICAL link. This calendar will be synchronized with the resource. You can anonymize the events from the calendar.

Connect Google Calendar

To connect a Google Calendar, do the following:

  • Go to settings

  • In the sidebar select the calendar you want to synchronize

  • Go to calendar settings

  • Click on "Get link to share".

  • Copy the link and add it to anny in the ICAL URL field

Connect Outlook calendar

To connect an Outlook calendar, do the following:

  • Open Settings > Show all Outlook settings

  • Choose Calendars > Shared calendars

  • In the lower area you can now select a calendar and click on "Publish".

  • Copy the ICS calendar link and paste it at anny in the ICAL URL field

Connect Apple Calendar

To connect an Apple calendar, do the following:

  • Click on the calendar icon in the sidebar

  • Select "Public calendar" and copy the link

  • Replace the webcal:// in the link with https:// and paste the created link in anny in the ICAL URL field

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