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Room display integration with Joan
Room display integration with Joan

This article will help you chose and set up your Joan Room Display

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Who is the Joan Display for?

Setting up the Joan Display

Synchronize Joan with Outlook

Synchronize Outlook and anny

Show bookings with anny on Joan

Who is the Joan Display for?

The Joan displays are for meeting rooms that do not have a PoE or power connection (UBS-C). As the displays need to be charged every 2–7 months, we recommend them especially for smaller companies with up to 10 meeting rooms.


  • Simple setup

  • Connected via Wi-Fi

  • Touch functionality

  • Ability to book from the display

  • Data is updated immediately

  • Backlight

  • Audio feedback

  • Up to 6 months battery life (can be charged via USB-C)

  • High-quality design and solid build quality

  • Accessories such as PoE adapter or anti-theft device (wall bracket)


  • Only available with a subscription model

  • Premium & high price segment

  • Dependent on battery life

  • Extended charging time


There are various models with sizes ranging from 6" to 13". There are also versions with touch and without touch. The prices range from €349 to €899. A subscription is required in addition to the purchase price.

You can find more information on Joan's website.

Setting up the Joan Display

  1. Download the Joan App

  2. Connect WIFI

  3. Add Joan Device on the portal

Synchronize Joan with Outlook (Google Calendar, ICS)

Joan can be connected to Outlook in just a few steps.

Alternatively, Google Calendar or ICS Link can also be used. With the ICS-Link. Integration it is not possible to book directly on the Joan display.

  1. In the Joan Portal click on Settings in the top right-hand corner

  2. Click on Calendar on the left

  3. Store Microsoft Office 365 (use room mailbox or share all calendars)

  4. Go to Manage at the top in the middle

  5. Now select Rooms on the left

  6. Add the desired room manually, or use Autoscan rooms to find all rooms in the shared calendar.

  7. Click on Device at the top left

  8. Link the desired room with the desired Joan device

Pro tip: All data is transferred immediately so that you can check changes at any time.

Synchronize Outlook and anny

You can set up two-way synchronization between anny and Outlook in the admin area of anny.

  1. Click on Integrations in your anny account

  2. Select Microsoft 365

  3. Set the integration to active

  4. Click on +Add to link the desired room with the desired Outlook calendar

Now the bookings from anny are displayed directly, as Joan's data is synchronized with Outlook and anny.

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