With our display feature, you can see which resources are booked right on the spot.

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You want to display in the entrance area of your building which room was booked by which employee or where the next event will take place? With the display board feature this information can be displayed clearly.

Display Resources

Under Settings you can link your resources. This way, all important booking information is automatically displayed on the desired scoreboard.

Your employees can see at a glance which resources are available and optionally even by whom they were booked.

(Overview - three resources)

You have stored multiple resources? The display optimally adapts to the size of the end device and the overview scrolls every 10 seconds.

You want to use room displays on site? All you need is an end device with an Internet connection (e.g. iPad) and just store a resource for the desired display board. Now your employees can not only see all the important information at a glance, but can also book now book the room directly on site.

(Viewing a resource on an end device with touch function)

Setting up the Display Panel

To use scoreboards follow these steps:

1) select under features display panels & room display.

2) click on the button

3) now use Displays on the left side.

Under the menu item Displays you can create and manage your scoreboards.

To do this, click +New and choose an appropriate name.

Now, under Widgets, select the appropriate resources that will later be displayed on your device.

Pro tip: In the entrance area of your building, all rooms are displayed as resources on a display board, but on the individual floors only selected rooms should appear? You can create any number of displayboards in anny and put resources multiple times as a widget.

Customize the Design

You want to make changes to the design?

This is possible at any time and is transmitted in real time.


Under Settings you can adjust the colors of the scoreboard to your liking.

Privacy: You want to anonymize the booking description because your scoreboard is in public space? You can also change this under settings.

Touch function: If your terminal has a touch function, you can use this function to simply book yourself in under the "book now" button.

Pro-tip: In the presentation is a certain order important to you?

Moving the resources changes the listing on the scoreboard.

Integration end device

Your scoreboard can be displayed on any device if it has internet access as Smart TV or iPad.

To do this, copy the link of your desired scoreboard:

Pro tip: With Open you can see the scoreboard view in a new tab and so you can e.g. play through change options.

Setting up the Kiosk Mode on Your Device

We recommend using the Kiosk modeof iOS for the scoreboards. Here's a quick guide on how to set up the mode on your device:

1) Enable "Guided Access" in the iOS settings.

  1. Settings -> General -> Accessibility

  2. Guided access > On

  3. Set access code

2) Starte die App & starte "Geführter Zugriff"

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