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Maps & Floorplans Feature – Tips & Tricks
Maps & Floorplans Feature – Tips & Tricks

With the map feature of anny you can show resources in a new way. This allows you to display your building down to the smallest detail.

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You have created a map and want to use your building representations, resource linking other additional features? In this article, you will find more tips & tricks for the anny map & floorplans feature.

What Information can I Draw in?

With our respective tools (menu to the left of the map) and our shapes (menu above the map) you can draw in i.g. buildings, furniture, areas, walls, or doors. This way, your employees, or customers can see important information directly at a glance.

Freehand Drawing

You want to draw objects yourself? First click on the freehand tool in the left menu and then select the desired shape of the object above the map.

Adding Icons

Icons show your customer in the building where e.g. a staircase, parking spaces or toilets are. With a left click, the icon is quickly added to the map.

Pro-tip: Drawn icons can be moved as soon as you select the Selection button and change the display here from the pointer to a cross. Hold down the mouse pointer and drag it to the desired location.

Drawing Resources

There are two options here.

1) Use our templates for tables, for example. Draw them where they are located in the room.

2) You can also draw in your resources freehand. Select the appropriate tool in the left menu in connection with the desired shape above the map.

How do I link a Resource?

Have you provided your map with the initial information?

Linking your resources to the resources drawn on the map will allow customers to select a bookable table. This way, your booking page will directly show where your resources are located in the building.

Use the drag & drop function in the lower right corner of the image and drag the desired resource to the drawn object.

Pro-tip: Objects have different colors (green and red). The objects in green are associated with a resource. The red ones do not contain any information and are inactive objects.

View Options with the Map Function

I want to draw several floors in a building.

You have multiple floors e.g. in your office building and want to show them all in the booking? Use the "duplicate" function, or alternatively, you can use Magic-Draw for each floor to draw the floor plan of the outer walls with one click.

You can use copy&paste between layers, if you want to keep the layout similar.

The floors in my building have different floor plans.

You have created the desired number of floors, but, for example, the top floor has a different floor plan? You can also change the desired area. Click on "Draw building" to make changes.

How do I set the default view for the booking page?

You want your building to be displayed directly on the map view? You can set the default view yourself. This way, every person who visits your booking page will be taken directly to your desired view.

Rotation of elements

The entire map is rotated when you click on the angle symbol in the upper right corner. Here, you can now set the desired rotation.

Pro-Tip: Rotating is also possible by moving the mouse whilst holding right click.

Rotation changes can also be made to buildings or resources (for example, a table you drew freehand) by left-clicking on the object.

Good to know

  • You want to make changes later? This is very easy, because all information can be changed by you as admin on the map at any time.

  • You want to delete an icon? With a left click and the backspace key, you can remove it.

  • Want a new perspective? Click on the map in the lower right corner and the satellite view will appear.

  • If you have drawn your floor plan with an image, it will not be visible on the booking page.

Want to get a first impression about the map feature? Check out this article.

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