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Maps & interactive site plans with anny
Maps & interactive site plans with anny

By visualizing your space to scale, the connection between the digital and analog worlds becomes even clearer.

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Your resources can now also be displayed in the map view. For example, your employees can select their desired workstation with a glance at the map and book it directly.

How do I activate the Maps & Interactive Maps Feature?

You want to start using our maps & interactive maps feature right away? Go to your account settings -> activate the feature of the same name.

Now you will see the button "Maps" on the left side below "Resource".

Pro-Tip: You don't see the sub-item "Maps"? Check if you have minimized the left menu.

How do I Create my First Card?

To create your first map, click on Resources > Maps and then on "New+" in the upper right corner. This will open a pop-up and you can edit your desired address:

Pro-Tip: If you already have addresses stored, you can select them from the list.

How do I automatically Draw in Buildings with Magic Draw?

With a right click in the building of your choice you can select the "Magic Draw" tool and easily draw in the edges of the object.

Draw Resources on the Map

Here you have two possibilities to offer your employees further information when booking. Of course, you can also combine the two options.

1. upload floor plan as a template

You already have a floor plan of the room where you want to store your workstations?

Great - because you can upload this image and trace it.

Drag and drop your site plan onto the map and position it over your building.

2. quick creation with templates

You want to add tables or other features of the room yourself? Feel free to use our templates.

Fill your map with life. There are several options available to you. You can add walls, doors, buildings, furniture, zones and icons.

How can I link my Resource to the Map?

Now that you have created the basis for your map, you can add your resources to it. To do this, click on the table on the left and a window will open in the upper right corner. Select the desired resource and "Small Desk", for example, is already linked to the map.

Map View on the Booking Page

If your map is ready you can activate it an set it on live.

Now your employees can view the map on your booking page.

By moving the mouse pointer over the individual tables, for example, they can view the available options and receive important information.

This makes booking your favorite seat quick and easy.

More Tips & Tricks?

You want to map more locations or? No problem, because you can store multiple maps. You can find out exactly how this works, as well as further tips & tricks, in another article.

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