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Are you a coach, consultant or trainer and want to make yourself bookable via anny? Find out which settings you should use.

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You can offer everything with anny, such as a short introductory phone call, individual consultations or recurring coaching appointments.

Define which service can be booked and at what price. Specify exactly how long or short a booking can be. The booking duration can be flexible, have a fixed duration or you can also offer booking series.

Your check list:

Create Resources

You can, for example, create yourself or your employees as a resource under the menu item Resources with New+.

In the general information of a resource, you can store all the details and information that your customer should receive at a glance when booking.

Pro tip: Use the properties option. This way, your customer can filter for important information on the booking page more quickly and can see at a glance whether there is 1:1 support or whether you speak English as a coach.


Services define how a resource is booked. In addition to information on the booking duration and price, they also contain rules such as the lead time.

Use the fixed duration to offer a coaching appointment with a specific duration. In the advanced settings of the service option, you can also enter preparation or follow-up times, for example.

Pro tip: If, for example, you want to offer the first introductory phone call free of charge, remove the price.

If you offer a regular seminar, use the series option. This allows several related bookings to be booked exclusively together.


Here you can determine your availability as a coach.

Simply available: You can only be booked once at any given time (ideal for individual coaching sessions).

Multiple availability: You can be booked multiple times (maximum of the specified number) (ideal for specialist seminars with several participants)

Enter your regular availability on this page. Individual days can be created multiple times, for example to show lunch breaks.

Calendar synchronization

Already have a calendar that you use? You can use calendar synchronization to avoid overlapping appointments.

You have the following options per resource

  • Google Calendar (two-way synchronization)

  • Outlook (two-way synchronization)

  • Shared calendars (one-way synchronization)

  • External calendars (one-way synchronization)

You can also set up calendar synchronization at account level.

With Microsoft 365 (beta), you can create a two-way synchronization with a calendar via email and get a direct overview of all M365-synchronized resources.

Pro tip: The admin calendar gives you a perfect overview of all appointments.


Automate all your invoicing for your appointment bookings. No more manually writing invoices or checking incoming payments.

You also determine how your customers pay (offline payment, pay online in advance or pay later)

Here is more information on invoicing & pay later

Online payment

With anny, you can add online payments to your booking process, including automatic invoicing and refunds.

anny is a partner of Stripe, one of the largest online payment services worldwide. For online payments, you can set up a Stripe Connect account via anny.

Here you can find more information about setting up online payments (Stripe Connect)

Widget embedding

You can find the script for your widget for the booking page of the entire account or for individual resources in your anny admin area under the tab Booking page.

You can find out how to integrate your anny booking page with your website builder here.


Do you use Teams or Zoom? Our integration allows you to send appointment invitations for your services automatically.

Here is more information about our Zoom integration

Good to know

Booking area vs. admin area

Admin area: This is where you can find all the central settings, manage your bookings and evaluate them in the dashboard.

Pro tip: Optionally, you can also add administrative users to your organization and manage their rights, more information can be found here.

Booking area: Your customers can discover, filter and book the resources you offer here. The booking page is publicly accessible.

If you have any questions, please write to us in our support chat.

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