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anny App for iOS & Android
anny App for iOS & Android
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Install anny App

Apple iOS -> App Store

Google Android -> Play Store

Who is the App for?

The anny app is perfect for placing and managing bookings. The popular features of anny are available to the user:

  • Week planner – plan your week in just 5 steps

  • Manage favorites

  • Discover and book resources

  • Resources booking page

  • Keeping payment methods

  • Native notifications

  • Self-checkin in the app

  • and much more

You can log in to the app with your anny account. Guest bookings are possible too without logging in.

How is the App Structured?

The anny app includes six different sections.


The home screen gives you an overview of upcoming bookings and notifications.

In the upper part of the Home screen, you have the following options:

  1. You see the upcoming and current bookings for today

  2. Self-checkin directly in the today view.

  3. View and edit booking


In this overview you will receive notifications, e.g. about booking changes or the request to check in for the booking. In addition, you can also set your notification preferences directly there.

Favorites & Recently Booked

A selection of your favorites and recently booked resources are also displayed on the home page. This is especially handy if you want to book certain offers repeatedly.

Week Planner

In the week planner, you can plan your week in 5 clicks and 5 swipes. Mark your favorite resources and get started right away.

In the week planner, you can also use the popular map view. Here you can visually explore your resources and book directly on the map.


Here you have an overview of all resources you have access to.


  • Jump between your communities

    • Tap the communities overview at the top left to switch between your communities

  • Filter resources by categories, availabilities, and properties

  • Scan anny QR codes to open the resource in the app

Soon: You have found the anny Market-Place? Here you can promptly view and book public resources in your area.


In the calendar, you can view and manage your bookings. For this, you can use the classic list view and the new week view.

In the list view, you have the possibility to filter and search your bookings.


You can add your bookings to the shopping cart to complete several bookings at once in one order. Advantage: Your bookings will reserve up to 15 minutes.

Other functions:

  • You can use coupons in the checkout.

  • Select payment methods

  • Fill checkout queries


In the profile settings, you can manage the following information, among others:

  • Personal data

  • Saved payment methods

  • Notification settings

  • Incognito mode for communities

  • Manage address

  • Change password

  • Change language

More Settings

  1. Push notifications: The push notifications are not only informative. They can also be interactive on iOS and used for booking cancellations or self-check-in.

  2. Dark-Mode: The anny app automatically adapts to the Dark-Mode or Light-Mode of your operating system.

anny Passes

The anny pass will also be available in the anny App.

In addition to the functions in the browser (creating anny pass as a QR code or connecting an existing QR code), the app allows you to add NFC cards as anny Pass.

The anny pass can be used, among other things, to book in directly at interactive room displays.

Pro Tip: You can also add your passes to Apple Wallet or Google Wallet.

Good to know

  • Data host region: Allows you to connect to different cloud regions. Please make sure to select the correct data host region when logging in. This way, in addition to our .co and .eu customers, our on-prem customers can also use the anny app.

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