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What is the difference between resources and child resources?
What is the difference between resources and child resources?

In this article I will explain you what is the difference between a resource and a child resource.

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What is a resource and what its children?

The resource is always a superordinate category and can still be broken down to smaller dividers. Thus, the resource can be called "Office" and the child resources define the individual Desks (Desk 1, Desk 2, Desk 3,...etc.) in this office.

The function of the child resources is available under the tab "Availability".

If you don't see this feature, you can easily activate it:

  1. Avatar top right

  2. Account settings

  3. Features

  4. Activate "Multiple availability with assignment

Afterwards you can create your child resources at the resource under "Availability".

Why do you need child resources?

As soon as you have several workstations that you want to clearly assign, you should create child resources.

Tip: With child resources, you can see exactly who is sitting where in the office today, as employees can choose their desks.

Here is our example using the Teams app.

Desks as a whole (1) are resources. So is each easily available meeting room (1). Each Desk that can be booked individually is a child resource (2).

Creating child resources does not require a lot of manual work. Even if you want to manage 20 desks with anny, you can create them with only one step.

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