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Subscriptions and Memberships - First Steps
Subscriptions and Memberships - First Steps

Offer recurring or one-time subscriptions to automate membership billing.

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This feature allows you to manage subscriptions including payment processing and billing. Subscribers can get special conditions through Communities.

Advantages of Subscriptions and Memberships

Through subscriptions and memberships you can, among other things.

  • wiederkehrende oder einmalige Abos deinen KundInnen / Mitgliedern anbieten

  • die Abrechnung von Mitgliedschaften automatisieren

  • Mitgliedern über Communities Sonderkonditionen bieten

  • auf einen Blick erkennen welches Mitglied ein Abo gewählt hat

Feature Activation

  1. Tippe auf deinen Avatar oben rechts

  2. Gehe in deine Account Einstellungen

  3. Wähle den Reiter Features

  4. Aktiviere Abos und Mitgliedschaften

Pro tip: You can use the Subscriptions and Memberships feature with the activation of Online Payment and from the Essantial plan at no extra cost.

Create and Use the Subscription Plan

Create plans that your customers can subscribe to. Plans are billed on a regular basis and can grant access to selected communities.

1. Creation of a Subscription Plan

Creating a subscription plan is possible in five steps:

  1. Click Subscription Plans in the list on the left.

  2. Create a new subscription plan with Neu+

  3. Edit the General information.

  4. Add benefits / communities as needed

  5. Make your subscription plan live

If you can't create a subscription plan group or make a subscription plan live, please upgrade your anny plan. For the feature, you will need at least the Essential plan & online payment activation.

Pro-Tip: When you edit your subscription plan you will always see a preview on the right how it will look for your members on the anny booking page.

2. Edit General Information of the Subscription Plan

Under the General information of your subscription plan, you can customize all factors of your subscription (e.g. description, scope, price, duration, cancellation conditions, etc.). Here you can also activate if this plan should be automatically renewed for your members or if a confirmation is required.

Pro Tip: By enabling manual confirmationyou can control who is allowed to use a particular subscription plan.

3. Communities in Connection with Subscription Plans

You can also link a subscription plan to a community. This way, each subscriber is automatically added to the community you have designated. Once the subscription expires, the member is also automatically removed from the community.

Pro tip: Add optional exclusive booking options to communities to offer special conditions to subscribers.

4. Add Benefits

Benefits can also be added to a subscription plan. This way, your members can see at a glance what benefits a particular plan brings him/her.

Example: You own a coworking space and could offer your members free participation in networking events or the mentoring program, for example.

Pro-Tip: In a specific subscription plan, you want to mark Benefits as unavailable? To do this, click on the desired benefit and click on the green check mark.

FAQs Subscription Plans

What is a Subscription Plan Group?

Under General information of a subscription plan, one can define the plan group. Within a plan group each member may have only one active subscription.

Pro tip: The order also determines whether an upgrade or a downgrade is performed.

In the case of an upgrade, the amount already paid will be charged proportionally. In case of a downgrade, the desired smaller subscription will be converted at the next possible billing date.

How do I sort plans?

You have an overview of all your plans under Subscription plans. We recommend sorting them by price value (i.e. from the cheapest to the most expensive plan). The order can be changed by drag-drop.

Manage Multiple Plan Groups

You can also create multiple plan groups. Big advantage: it can be added to an existing subscription plan more plans from other group .

: You own a coworking space and selected members can use additionally to their Platinum Membership the subscription plan Spinning. The subscription plan Spinning is not assigned to the plan group Membership, but to the plan group Fitness. So it is possible as one customer to take out two subscriptions in your coworking .

Pro tip: If a person has subscriptions with you in two plan groups, there is, for example, separate billing and the subscriptions can be cancelled individually.

Subscription Management - Admin

A customer has no online access or there are already existing contracts that you would like to digitize? As an administrator, you have the option of subscribing a person at any time.

How do I set a Subscription as an Admin?

A subscription can be set by the administrator in the admin area. Your customer will be informed by email about the new subscription and has the possibility to transfer this to his account to make changes independently.

Creating a subscription is possible in five steps:

  1. Click on Subscription in the list on the left

  2. Create with New+ and select a subscription plan

  3. Add the customer data

  4. Choose a start date / percentage discount

  5. Enter the payment method

Pro-Tip: If you are an administrator and you deposit a subscription for a person in the admin area of anny, no registration for this person is necessary via anny.

Subscription Notifications

As an admin, do you want to receive only certain subscription notifications by email? In a few steps you can manage the subscription notifications:

  1. click on your name in the upper right corner

  2. edit profile opens

  3. scroll to Subscription Notifications

  4. make the desired adjustments

Edit Subscription Request

You want to manually confirm a subscription plan as an administrator? Under Subscriptions -> Applied you will find an overview of all pending requests. By clicking on a name you can either confirm or decline the membership.

Pro tip: With the confirmation, the billing is also carried out at the same time.

Good to know

  • With the badge you highlight a subscription plan. You can specify the badge in the General information of your subscription plan.

  • Want to create communities but don't know how to do it? Click here to get more information.

  • Here you will find an overview of what information is displayed on your booking pagearound the topic of subscriptions and memberships.

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