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Subscriptions and Memberships - Customer View
Subscriptions and Memberships - Customer View

You have created subscription plans as an administrator via anny? This article is about the view on the booking page.

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You have created subscription plans in the admin area of anny and now you are interested in the customer view? Here you will find an overview of signing up, upgrading, downgrading and canceling subscription plans on your booking page.

Subscriptions on the Booking Page

The subscriptions on the booking page appear as soon as they have been made live in the admin area. Subscriptions now appears at the top of the booking page next to Resources and Info.

The order of the subscription plans is analogous to the order you created them in the admin area under Subscription Plans.

Conclude a Subscription as a Customer

The following steps are important to complete a subscription:

  1. the customer has an anny user account

  2. under subscriptions the appropriate subscription is selected with start now

  3. the pop-up Confirm your subscription opens (personal details and payment method are requested)

  4. click on book with costs

Pro-Tip: You can tell if you are logged in on the booking page by two factors:

  1. on the left side of the booking page an icon list appears

  2. an avatar appears in the upper right corner (preset with the initials of the customer)

Upgrade & Downgrade of a Subscription as Customer

As soon as a subscription is completed, the buttons of the other plans change to upgrade or downgrade.


  • The subscription becomes active immediately through the upgrade

  • Only the difference between the old and the new subscription plan will be charged.


Online Membership was taken out a week ago. Now an upgrade to Basic Membership is to take place. The new subscription will run immediately with the upgrade and the customer / client will pay a total of €50 for the current month.


  • The downgrade takes place at the end of the active subscription period.

  • There is no billing, but with the start of the downgrade the customer pays the desired subscription plan.

Pro-tip: With the upgrade or downgrade, the customer is automatically added to the correct community.

Overview of Subscriptions on the Booking Page

As a customer, you can view your subscriptions at any time.

To do this, click on your avatar at the top right and select My subscriptions.

Pro-Tip: Your customer's invoices are also stored here. He can view them or download them as PDF.

Cancel Subscription as Customer

A subscription plan can be cancelled by your customer in a few steps.

  1. Click on the avatar in the upper right corner

  2. My subscriptions are selected

  3. Click on Active

  4. Select the three points on the right

  5. Select Cancel

  6. Confirm in the pop-up with Cancel

Pro-Tip: Canceled plans can also be reactivated by customers at a later date.

Good to know

  • You have not created any subscription plans yet. Use this article to get a first overview.

  • If you as admin have created a subscription for your customer, he/she does not need an extra customer account with anny.

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