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Embed your anny booking page in WordPress
Embed your anny booking page in WordPress

This article will show you how to embed your anny booking page in WordPress

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1. Copy your booking page's code

  • You can find the code for the general booking page of your organization in your account settings within the Bookingpage tab, the setting can be found in the profile picture at the top right of the anny admin area.

  • The code for the booking page of a specific resource or service can be found in the respective settings of the resource/service Resources>Resource>Booking page

There you copy the script (once on the website) and the respective code of the booking widget.

Pro tip: The design of the embedded booking page can be edited in anny, find out more in our article.

2. insert HTML block

  1. You can either add a new block with the Plus sign at the top left of the toolbar or directly at the point where you want to add the widget.

  2. A window opens where you can select the type of block, in this case you should click on Custom/Individual HTML.

Pro tip: Embedding only works if WordPress is self-hosted, otherwise the iframe will be blocked.

3. insert HTML code:

Within the HTML block there is a box in which o can add the HTML code from anny.

4. check the layout:

The preview can be opened in the toolbar at the top right to check whether the booking page has been embedded correctly. Tweak it to make sure it's displayed the way you want to.

You've successfully embedded your booking page, feel free to browse other articles on our Wiki, you might find some useful features or learn something new. Thank you for reading this one. :D

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