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I would like to adjust my Plan
I would like to adjust my Plan

Learn more about your anny subscription and how you can make the most of your membership. All about offers and prices.

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Get an overview of the different plans

Go via your account icon (top right) to

You will then get an overview of the different packages and your options. Under your current plan you will see "active".

If you want to change your plan, select the desired tab. "Upgrade" will take you directly to a higher plan and "Downgrade" will take you to the next possible smaller plan.

You will see the following pop-up to confirm your subscription:

Pro-Tip: With account creation you can test all functions and possibilities with anny during the 5-day test phase.

Will my subscription/plan be renewed automatically?

If you decide to pay monthly, you can of course cancel or adjust your plan monthly.

If you have chosen the plan that we pay annually, you have received a certain discount on this term and can only adjust your plan after this time.

As soon as you have chosen a "downgrade" for yourself, you will be directly shown within "Subscription & Billing" when this takes effect and when the old plan was cancelled.

You can see which plan is currently in effect for you by the "Active" sign.

If you decide to downgrade, you will see a "Canceled" next to the previous plan.

How can I cancel my Plan?

To do so, simply select the "Starter"/"Free" Plan under the "Subscription & Billing" tab and switch your booking page to inactive.

I want to delete my account completely

If you really never need anny again, you can of course delete your account completely.

To do this, please follow the steps that are partly explained above:

  • Cancel Plan (select FREE)

  • Change booking page to inactive

  • Delete all admins from the manage user section (at the three dashes in the upper right corner)

Now go to the three dashes and then to "Profile & Notifications".

Now select "Edit profile" and click on:

IMPORTANT: After you have clicked the button "Delete my account", your account is no longer accessible for you. All already created data will be automatically and irrevocably deleted.

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