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How to Set Up tapkey Integration in Your anny Account

With the tapkey Smart-lock, you can take your room bookings through anny to the next level of automation. For an overview of other Smart-lock integrations, click here.

Advantages of Tapkey

  • Access through the tapkey App (via email address)

  • Simple, high-quality design

  • DIY installation possible

Who is Tapkey For?

Tapkey operates on subscription models for user permissions, making it a suitable solution for small co-working spaces and offices.


Setting Up in Your anny Account

After adding the lock to your tapkey admin area, you can now connect it to your anny account. In your anny admin area, go to Account Settings and select the Integrations tab.

  • Open the tapkey Integration and click on authorize.

  • Add your tapkey owner account.

  • Configure the rules for your locks.

Now, access rights will be granted for each booking according to your settings.

Pro Tip: You can also link multiple locks to a resource, or vice versa.

Booking Process

Video showing 'tapkey Smart Lock' at anny HQ

In this video, I'll walk you through the booking process using the smart-lock from tapkey.

Your customers can now book rooms as usual and will automatically receive the corresponding access rights via email.

After receiving the confirmation email, customers can log in to the tapkey App with their email address and open the smart-lock according to your rules.

tapkey App View for End Customers

In the tapkey App, customers will see which locks they have access to and for which time frames.

For more information on the anny Smart-lock Integration, click here.

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