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How do I set up the KleverKey integration in my anny Account?

With the KleverKey Smart-lock, you can take your room booking automation with anny one step further. You can find an overview of other Smart-lock integrations here.

Advantages of KleverKey

  • No login required (for your customers)

  • Access via an individual link

  • Customized to fit your door

  • NFC capable

  • medium price-point

  • Unlimited number of guest accesses

  • Intuitive, sleek design

  • DIY installation possible (5-15 min.)

Ideal for Coworking Spaces and Offices

Its user-friendly interface ensures a hassle-free experience for all customers, eliminating the need for extra apps and log-ins. Plus, there are no user number restrictions with guest access.

The lock's straightforward and robust design allows for easy installation, both indoors and outdoors.


KleverKey's solutions cost around 350–500 Euros. For more information and current prices, visit KleverKey's Shop.


After adding the lock in your KleverKey admin account, follow these steps:

  1. Activate guest access in your KleverKey Account. This is crucial for the integration. You'll find the setting here.

  2. Connect your anny Account. Go to the account settings in your anny admin area and select the Integrations tab.

  3. Enable the integration and add the KleverKey API Token. You can find the API Token here, in your KleverKey admin area. If necessary, you can generate a new token by clicking on the + symbol in the lower right corner of your screen.

  4. Add your KleverKey Organisations-ID.

  5. Configure the rules for your locks.

Now, access permissions will be automatically assigned according to your settings for each booking.

Guest Access

KleverKey allows access through an individual guest access link for each booking. Your customers can open the Smart-Lock without an additional login. Each booking generates a new link with its own guest access. There is no limit to the number of guest accesses with KleverKey.

Pro Tip: It is also possible to connect multiple locks to a resource or vice versa.

Booking Process

Your customers can now book the rooms as usual with anny and will automatically receive their individual access link via email.

In addition to the confirmation email from anny, you can also send an email from KleverKey with the same link. This ensures that your customers receive the access link even if notifications are disabled. Separate registration with an additional KleverKey account is not necessary.

For more information on the anny Smart-lock integration, please visit the overview.

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