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In this article, you'll be made familiar with anny's NUKI integration.

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How to set up the NUKI Integration in your anny Account

With the NUKI Smart-lock, you can take your room booking through anny to the next level. You can find an overview of other smart-lock integrations here.

Advantages of NUKI


Installation and set up

Set up in anny

Booking process

Advantages of NUKI

  • Possible to mount on existing locks

  • Keypad for access with a pin code

  • Access through the NUKI App (via email)

  • DIY installation possible

  • Tenant-friendly with no permanent alterations


Here, you'll find information about NUKI models.

  • Smart Lock (without Wi-Fi functionality) + Bridge.

  • Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro.

For anny bookings, a NUKI lock with Wi-Fi (remote access) is required.

Installation and Setup of NUKI:

The NUKI lock is mounted from the inside of the room onto the existing key cylinder, allowing the automation to turn the key in the lock.

For a detailed NUKI installation guide, please refer to NUKI Installation.

Set up in your anny Account

You can find the settings for NUKI integration in your anny admin area under Account-Settings-Integrations, there you can activate the integration and set in up like this:

  • Open the NUKI integration, click the Authorize button, and log in with your NUKI credentials.

  • Click on Add rule to connect your resources to the smart-lock

  • Select your resource(s) to which the lock should be connected and define how long before/after booking start the lock may be opened.

The locks from your NUKI admin area are automatically displayed here. If you cannot find a smart lock, first connect your lock to your NUKI account via the NUKI app.

  • If you have a NUKI keypad, you can also activate the option here

The 6-digit access code is thereby automatically sent by mail with the booking confirmation.

Booking process

Video of the booking process with NUKI at anny HQ

In this video, I show you the booking process with the locking system from NUKI

Your customers can now book the rooms as usual via your booking page or on site and automatically receive the corresponding access rights by mail.

After receiving the confirmation email, customers can log in to the NUKI app with their email address and use the access code to activate the smart lock and open it according to your rules.

Note: Currently, only one access period per lock can be stored. For successive bookings of the same customer with the same lock, the old lock must first be removed from the NUKI App.

If you allow keyless access via a keypad, your customers will receive the access code directly by mail. In this case, no registration in the NUKI app is required.

You can find more information about the anny smart-lock integration here. We look forward to your feedback!

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