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This article will help you to implement your SaltoKS lock with anny

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How do I set up the Salto KS integration in my anny account?

With the Salto KS Smart-lock, you can take your room booking automation to the next level with anny. For an overview of other smart-lock integrations, please click here.

Advantages of Salto KS

  • Access through the Salto KS App (using the email address).

  • Optional access via a 6-digit PIN code (no customer account required).

  • High-quality design.

  • Additional subscriptions available for the number of access rights.


The set-up process in anny

Once you've added the lock to your SaltoKS admin page, you can now connect it to your anny account. In your anny admin page, go to Account Settings and select the Integrations tab.

  • Open the SaltoKS integration and click on authorize

  • Sign in with your SaltoKS admin account.

  • Configure the rules for your locks.

Now, access permissions will be granted for each booking according to your settings. If you have a PIN pad on your locking system, you can also automatically send a PIN code.
Alternatively, access can be granted via the customer's email address, allowing your customers to open the lock using the SaltoKS App.

Pro Tip: You can also connect multiple locks to a resource or vice versa.

Booking process

Your customers can now book rooms as usual and will automatically receive the corresponding access rights via email.

Upon receiving the confirmation email, your customers can sign in to the SaltoKS App with their email address and open the Smart-lock according to your rules.

Alternatively, if you have a lock with a keypad, you can grant access to your customers via the keypad using a 6-8 digit PIN code, which will be sent in the booking confirmation email from anny.

For more information on the anny Smart-lock Integration, please visit here.

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