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Set password for a Microsoft 365 room
Set password for a Microsoft 365 room
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To link a resource via the Outlook Personal integration, you can simply log in with your Microsoft 365 account.

However, if you want to create your anny resource with a room in Microsoft 365, you will need to generate access data. In this guide, we explain step by step how to do this:

  1. Create the room in Microsoft 365. You can create this via the Exchange Admin Center under "Recipients" -> "Resources".

  2. Then go to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and open the list of active users ("Users" -> "Active users").

  3. Search for the corresponding room. This is stored with its e-mail address in the list.

  4. Click on the relevant user and set a new password via "Reset password"

  5. Save the password. You can now use it to log into the room via anny.

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