Invoicing & Pay-Later

Offline payment, pay online in advance or pay later? You can determine how easily your customer pays with just a few clicks.

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Invoicing for the entire account

With automated invoicing, ascending invoice numbers are automatically assigned and the invoices are automatically sent to your customers. Automated invoicing can be activated for each service

  1. Tap on your avatar at the top right

  2. Go to your account settings

  3. Select the Invoicing tab

Expanding the settings - entire account

Under Invoicing, you can make settings that affect the entire account.


Invoice due date

Define the period on which an invoice is due


Send payment reminder

Activate this option to send up to three payment reminders to the customer (on the due date, 7 days and 14 days after the due date)


Allow online payment

Activate online payment via anny to offer your customers an even easier booking experience and minimize effort


Allow payment by bank transfer

Enable payment by bank transfer. Note that this requires manual updates to the payment status. If reminders are enabled, late updates can lead to unnecessary reminders

Pro tip: On this page you also add the account and notes on the invoice.

Settings per booking and service option

To make the settings for a desired booking or service option, follow the path below:

  1. click on the desired resource

  2. select the booking option (or service option)

  3. click on Edit booking option

  4. use payments

Offline payment

  • Payment is made outside of anny

Pay online in advance

  • the customer pays conveniently online during check-out

  • no payment on site necessary

Pay later / pay later

  • Customer can pay flexibly

  • High level of user-friendliness

Pro tip: In the settings, either Allow online payment or Allow payment by bank transfer must be active.

Generate invoice automatically - active:

  • Invoice number is assigned automatically

  • Invoice can no longer be edited

Track payment status:

  • If this setting is deactivated, all orders are automatically set to paid.

  • If this setting is set to active, all orders are set to an open status and you must manually mark them as paid

Payment on site:

  • selectable for Pay online in advance

  • No online payment details required

Checkout process on the booking page

In the checkout process on the booking page, the customer receives all the necessary information on invoicing at a glance. The customer also has the option of selecting the payment method.

Pro tip: It is of course possible to add multiple bookings with different payment methods.

Orders and invoice generation

Order overview:

When the customer makes a booking, an overview of the order is immediately created in the admin area. The payment column shows which payment the customer requires.

Pro tip: If the Pay later / Pay later method has been selected, Online and Offline will appear, as it is not yet clear which method the customer will select later.

Call up the individual order:

Click on the desired invoice to obtain further information about the order.In addition to the customer data and an overview of the bookings, the payment method and further details about the invoice can be found here.

Pro tip: Invoices are sent automatically on the day of booking. Changes can be made until then.

Good to know

Customers are not (yet) automatically informed by e-mail about cancelations and refunds.

There is no distinction in the general account settings between manual and automated invoicing

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