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Invoice Exports and Invoicing
Invoice Exports and Invoicing

Discover all you need to know about automating or manually configuring invoice exports and invoicing

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Streamlining Invoicing: Learn how to efficiently manage manual and automated invoicing, and explore the benefits of invoice exports for a comprehensive overview of your customers' invoices.

Overview Invoice Exports

If you want an overview of all your customers' invoices, you can easily access and manage them through the Invoices menu. This feature allows you not only to view all the data in a list but also to export and filter the data automatically and manually.

Creating manual Invoice Export

If you need specific invoices for a particular accounting period, you can create a manual invoice export for your convenience. Here's how:

  1. Go to: Orders -> Invoices -> Export (located at the top right)

  2. Choose the desired export format (CSV, Excel, PDF)

Additionally, you can access your export history by clicking on Export Overview in your entrepreneur account.

Creating automatic exports

For those who require regular and automatic exports, such as monthly statements for the accounting department, we offer an automatic exports feature. Here's how to access it:

You can set up an automatic monthly export of all PDF invoices to facilitate seamless transfer into your accounting system. Most accounting systems can efficiently import and manage PDF invoices.

Overview of Invoicing

With anny, you have two invoicing options:

  1. Manual Invoicing: Ideal for companies that prefer to review and adjust bookings before sending the invoices to customers.

  2. Automated Invoicing: Particularly useful for streamlining the invoicing process through automation.

Regardless of your choice, you retain full control over the invoicing process and can customize it to suit your preferences. You can access the invoicing overview and choose between "Manual Invoicing" & "Automatic Invoicing."

Pro-Tip 1: To create a draft invoice, create a new booking in bookings and deselect the notify customer field. This allows you to edit the booking and invoice before sending it to the customer. Once sent, adjustments are no longer possible.

Please note that once Stripe Connect is linked, manual billing becomes unavailable. If you wish to revert to manual invoicing after activating stripe connect, kindly contact our support team.

Manual Invoicing

With manual invoicing, a draft invoice is created for each order. You can manually assign an invoice number and then send it to the customer.

Display an invoice payment request

Display an invoice payment request on the invoice if it has not been paid online

Due date of the invoice

Specify the period of time when an invoice is due

Notes on the invoice

Here you can add notes on your invoice as you wish

If the function "invoice payment request" is activated, you can provide your bank account info here:

Automated Invoicing

With automated invoicing, ascending invoice numbers are automatically assigned and the invoices are sent directly to your customers. This feature saves you time and effort. However, you can still activate a transfer request and set the due date for the invoice. Additionally, you can add notes to the invoice if required.

Invoice Number Syntax


  • YY = current year

  • XXXX = unique ascending number for the specified year.

By following these steps and utilizing our invoicing features, you can efficiently manage your invoices and streamline your accounting processes.

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