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Get started - Events
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Your checklist:

1. Create Resources

Under the Resources menu item, you can create the event by clicking on New+.

In the general information of a resource, you can enter all the details and information about your event that your customer should receive at a glance when booking. Not only texts but also links or lists can be added to the description.

Pro tip: Use the option of adding several images to the resource to give your event visitor a first impression.

Image formats:

Banner (cover): 1920 x 1080 pxl

Resource: approx. 968 x 544 pxl

Logo: 400 x 400 pxl


Here you can enter the availability of the tickets.

Multiple availability: You have a certain number of tickets. Enter it here.

Pro tip: You can set your own availabilities for your respective services and booking options, e.g. if you want to offer an early booking discount. To do this, you can activate service availabilities in the features and then create a schedule and availability in the service.

Booking rules

Do you want one person to only be able to book a certain number of tickets? Use the booking rules in the resource settings and activate them in the features if necessary.

2. Booking Options

Services and booking options define how a resource is booked. In addition to information on the booking duration and price, they also contain rules such as the lead time.

Use several booking options to offer discounted tickets for children, employees, pupils/students, etc. With add-ons, you can set up drinks, backstage access or flexible family/group tickets.

Pro tip: In the booking option settings, you can set the displayed price yourself and thus create a transparent price structure for your customers.

Booking duration:

For events with a fixed date, you can use the setting Duration according to schedule. This automatically displays the stored schedule for the resource.

If you are offering an event over several dates, use the Series option.This allows several related dates to be booked together, more information can be found here.

Automatic blocking of resources:

Have you already stored the rooms as resources with anny? With Smart Availability you can use the service/booking option to automatically block your existing resources when booking the event, so you can make optimum use of them and work even more efficiently, here is our detailed article on this.

3. Invoicing

Automate all your invoicing for your appointment bookings. No more manually writing invoices or checking incoming payments.

You also determine how your customers pay (offline payment, pay in advance online or pay later). Here is more information on invoicing & pay later.

Online payment

With anny, you can include online payments in your booking process, including automatic invoicing and refunds.

Here you can find more information about setting up online payments (Stripe Connect)

4. Check-In

To control the attendance and utilization of your event, you can activate the check-in for each resource in your account, you can find more about the check-in feature in our article here. Activate the feature here in your account settings:

5. Widget Embedding

You can find the script for your widget for the booking page of the entire account. If you only want to embed the event, you can find the script for this in the resource settings under the Booking page tab.

Pro tip: If you don't want to display the event together with your other resources on the booking page, you can deactivate the visibility on the booking page in the respective resource settings and embed the resource separately.

If you have any questions, please write to us in our support chat or by email.

Have fun with the setup.

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