With the Service-First-Flow, the service is priority number one when a booking is made.

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What is Service-First-Flow?

Are you ready to elevate your booking process to the next level? Say hello to the Service-First-Flow, where your service takes center stage the moment a booking is made.

A Customer-Centric Approach

Imagine a bustling hair salon offering an array of services, managed by a skilled team. The booker should be able to book and select the Service first and the employees are maybe a secondary choice.

With the Service-First-Flow every booking revolves around service.

Pro-tip: Depending on the settings of your account, it is also possible that you have the resource-first-flow enabled.

Where do I set it up?

  1. Click on Services on the left side of the list

  2. Now you are in the Service Manager and can create and edit services.

  3. If you don't have any services yet or if you want to add a new option, click on New+ in the right column.

Pro-Tip: A service is usually provided by a person.

A booking option is typically something that is booked (e.g., rooms, tickets, or activities).

What is the Service Manager?

All services are listed in the Service Manager. You can also assign services to a group, so that you get an ordered overview.

Click on the three dots to open the action menu. This offers you, among other things, the possibility to display the service on the booking page.

Do you see the small globe at the bottom right? This means that the service is listed in the overview of the booking page.

Edit Settings of the Service

You can add important information to the service. This way, your customer will know at first sight what service he is receiving.

General Settings

Here is an overview and explanations of the general settings:


Name of the service


Groups help you to get an overview


Composition of the Internet address


Further information about the service can be stored here


To visualize the service

Advanced settings

Specify even more precisely when a booking can be made

Visibility & Display

Customize the visibility and presentation with advanced options

Pro-Tip: You can also add an image for the service here or under Visibility & Representations:

Duration of the Service / Booking Option

Here, you can choose between four options:

  1. Fixed duration

  2. Flexible duration

  3. Duration by schedule

  4. Series

What else can be edited?

In addition to the general settings, the following options can also be edited in the services:

Especially the item “Resources” is important and will therefore be explained in more detail:


Besides the possibility to select connected resources and a dependency between resource and service, the assignment strategy is especially interesting here.

The assignment strategy defines how a resource is assigned for booking if no resource has been preselected by the customer.

  1. First Available

    The first available resource is selected according to the defined order

  2. Round Robin

    The resources are assigned on a rotating basis for a balanced workload

  3. Random

    A random available resource is selected

Pro-Tip: By enabling “Customer may select preference” you allow the customer to manually select a resource and thus bypass the automatic allocation.

How do I configure my Booking Page?

In the Service Manager, click on “Hidden on booking page” in the upper right corner. You will be redirected to the account settings.

Here you can now choose between four new settings:


Default tab on booking page

Services or resources?

Select the first tab you want to show to your customers on the booking page.


Structure of resources by

Set whether resources should be organized into categories or group tabs.


Show resources on booking page

Show or hide the "Resources" tab on your booking page


Show services on booking page

Show or hide the "Services" tab on your booking page.

Pro-tip: Depending on the setting, the URL of the booking page changes.

What does the Service-First-Flow Booking Page look like?

Not only resources have booking pages, but also services can now be displayed in this way.

With a click on preferences, the customer – if you give him the choice – gets the possibility to select the resource. In concrete terms, this means that the first service to be selected is “root-dyeing” and then, in a second step, the respective employee.

Pro-tip: The system directly checks and displays to the customer whether the desired employee is available.

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