Recurring Bookings

Use recurring bookings for regular appointments (i.e., a weekly meeting)

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With recurring bookings, regular appointments are easy to manage and organize. Meeting rooms, desks or equipment can be planned several weeks and months in advance.


  1. go to the desired booking option/service

  2. click the Edit-button at the bottom

  3. open Advanced settings

  4. activate Allow recurring bookings (BETA)

Now recurring booking is activated for this booking option/service and can now be used in the admin calendar or on the booking page.

Pro tip: The function can only be used if the service and the booking option is free. And the multiple selection of services is deactivated in the resource settings under Services/Booking options.

Admin calendar

As an admin, you can create a recurring booking here so that, for example, the meeting room is booked at the same time every week.

  1. activate the recurring booking (as described here)

  2. select the desired resource with a left-click

  3. click on Create booking

The following pop-up appears:

On the right-hand side of the pop-up, you can now set the Time settings:

  1. select the period as specified in the selected booking option

  2. click on Repeat booking

  3. select the desired interval

    1. Repeat every X time unit (weeks, months)

  4. also select the days of the week. You can set these under "Repeat on". To do this, click on the abbreviations for the days of the week.

  5. define an end date by entering a date i ends on. Alternatively, you can remove the date from the entry with the X and select infinite. Note: If you select Infinite the booking is automatically extended as soon as more dates are available.

The available dates will now be listed.

Booking page

Recurring bookings are also available on the booking page.

View during booking

  • your employees / customers go to your booking page for this purpose

  • you select the desired resource with the recurring booking activated

  • A checkmark is placed next to Repeat booking

  • The frequency, possible days of the week and the end date can be selected

  • Now the booking can be completed as usual

View on the booking page:

Pro tip: Your employees/customers can also cancel individual appointments for recurring bookings.

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