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Link resources into complex dependencies, thanks to Smart Availability

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What is Smart Availability?

With the Smart Availability feature, you can make multiple resources dependent on each other without your customers having to select them separately in the booking process.

Use case: You have two small rooms - meeting room blue and meeting room yellow - which can be booked separately. If you remove the partition between the rooms, then a large room is created - meeting room green.

If you book the big meeting room green, both small rooms are automatically blocked in the system.

Activate the Feature

  1. Click on your avatar in the upper right corner

  2. Go to your account settings

  3. Select the Features tab

  4. Enable Smart Availability

How do I set up Smart Availability?

  • Go to the resource which should be linked to other resources and select the tab service/booking option. (In my example, the green meeting room)

  • Tap on the desired booking option/service on edit and select the 2. Tab Resources.

  • Connected resources: here you can find all the resources that are connected to the service / booking option.

  • Dependencies: Here you can connect additional resources either using drag & drop or by clicking the + Add button.

    To be able to book resources dependent on each other, it is important that availability schedules and booking options match.

  • Always book: Linked resources must be available, otherwise no booking is possible. To allow bookings even without the dependent resources, the option Book if available can be stored.

  • Blind eye: Customers won't see the dependent resources in the booking process.

In our example, meeting room blue and meeting room yellow can be booked as one large meeting room green. Now I define the two smaller meeting rooms as meeting room green and select the option always book.

What does a Booking with Multiple Resources look like?

In your anny admin calendar, you will now find the connected blockers for each booking according to your settings. In this example, only the green meeting room was booked, and the two connected resources are automatically booked as well.

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