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Groups & Categories (definition, differences and presentation)
Groups & Categories (definition, differences and presentation)

Explanation Groups & Categories - Individualize the appearance of the website

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What is actually the difference between categories and groups in anny?

Categories are predefined by us and must be selected when creating the resource. Groups, on the other hand, you can create yourself and assign to the corresponding resources. The sorting of resources into a group is optional.

One advantage of groups is the better overview in the timeline view in the admin calendar.

How do I edit and add a resource to a group?

For example, go to the resource you want and change your group to "Study Room".

Now that you have created and assigned your desired group in the resource, you can list your booking page by "Groups" instead of "Categories".

To do this, go to:

  1. your icon on the top right

  2. account settings

  3. settings

  4. change the "Structure of resources by" from Category to Group

So you've customized the entire display of your resources - even in the internal area. Remember, though, that your group breakdown will also appear on the website, even if no resource is live there. This is the difference between the group and the category.

How do I edit or delete groups?

To edit or delete a group, click on the pencil.

Now you can make changes here, such as editing the name or adding posting rules. Deleting a group is also possible in this way.

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