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How to install the anny Display app on the Philips 10BDL4551T Android signage PoE display?
How to install the anny Display app on the Philips 10BDL4551T Android signage PoE display?
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Connect your device:

  1. Connect the power cable or the PoE cable.

  2. Switch on the device, select the language and start the security settings

    • (Security Setting):

    • Signage Display Settings: Select manual setup and Next

    Display name: Skip Remote control: Skip

  3. Network settings: Select and configure either Wi-Fi or Ethernet For the Wi-Fi setting, please go to the Wi-Fi page and press the Wi-Fi button. After the automatic Wi-Fi scan, select your desired Wi-Fi and enter the access data if required. For Ethernet, the network will be connected automatically as soon as you connect the Ethernet cable.

Complete the basic settings until the display shows Manual Setup Complete.

Android Launcher/ Admin mode:

You sometimes end up on a black page. Proceed as follows to reach admin mode:

Press On/Off + Volume Down (both are located on the back and are real buttons) to start Admin mode. A dialogue box will appear on the screen where you need to enter the admin password, the default password is "1234". You can change the password under "Settings -> Display settings -> System tools -> Change administrator password".

  1. If you want to return to the Philips Android configuration menu, do so by simultaneously pressing the on/off button and the volume down button (both located on the back). Enter the password: 1234 (factory default) and OK.

Installation of the anny Display App with USB stick/SD card

  1. Get the latest version of the anny display app as an APK file. Write to us in the chat or at

  2. Load the APK file onto a USB stick or mini SD card. The corresponding inputs are located on the back of the display

  3. Navigate to Storage / Storage and select your storage medium. Open this and tap on the APK file

  4. Tap on Install

  5. The app can now be opened and can be found under Apps

Pro tip: In the Settings /Settings you can select the Source Settings / Input Settings under Signage display /Signage display. Select the anny Display app under Custom app / Customize app so that the app is directly connected even after a restart.

Set up the nanny display app

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