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How do I add the anny MS Teams app?
How do I add the anny MS Teams app?

The MS Teams app can be added via user and administrators

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For users - Add MS Teams app

  1. Open MS Teams

  2. Click on the lower "+ Apps" icon in the left-hand menu bar

  3. Search for "anny" or click on "Developed for your organization" on the left to see the apps that have already been released.

  4. Add anny as an app

  5. Click on the three dots in the left-hand menu. By right-clicking on the anny app, you can select the "Pin" option. This will keep the app visible in your left bar.

For administrators - Release MS Teams app for organization

Share the anny MS Teams app with your entire organization.

  1. Go to the administrator area of your Microsoft 365 account at

  2. Go to Settings -> Integrated apps. Here you will find a list of all integrated apps.

  3. Now press the "Call up apps" button. A new window will open, and you can search for the "anny" app here.

  4. You can now select who the app should be made available to and thus make the add-in available to your organization.

Tip: As an MS Teams admin, you can 'pin' the anny app for your entire team so that the MS Teams anny app appears in the left-hand menu for them.

Note for EU+ customers: For customers with the data host region EU+ there is a separate app called"anny EU+"

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