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Check-In & Check-Out
Check-In & Check-Out

Add the check-in area for scanning QR codes. You decide for each resource whether a QR code ticket is issued with a booking.

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When do I require the Check-In & Check-Out?

Use case: A swimming pool currently has a capacity of 350 visitors per day and would like to offer them the option of booking flexible swimming times. However, they don't want 350 people queuing at the same time. To avoid overcrowding and make entry easier, the pool sets the Allowed bookings per start time to 100 and can start the day in a relaxed manner.

The same principle applies, for example, to universities to prevent a rush to their libraries.

How do I activate the feature

  1. Tap on your avatar at the top right

  2. Go to your account settings

  3. Select the tab Features

  4. Activate Check-In & Check-Out

How do I set up check-in and check-out?

  1. Control visitor flow: Limit the bookings per start time to relieve the check-in. This is particularly helpful with flexible duration options.

    Click on the desired resource -> Availability -> Multiple available

  2. Set check-in period: Define the period in which visitors should appear and take into account separate expiry dates for bookings.

    Click on the desired resource -> Check-In -> Check-In period


Use the special area in the application to scan QR code tickets using a scanner or camera. You can also search for and check in bookings without a ticket, or do this manually in the booking details.


Hand scanner or Camera

Scan QR code tickets using a hand scanner or camera

Without a ticket

Use the search (small magnifying glass top right) in the check-in area to search for and check in the person's booking even without a QR code ticket

Manually via the booking details

There is also an option to check in the booking details. This option is useful if the booking had to be changed manually beforehand or was newly created on site.

Pro tip: Multiple resources and inputs: Control the check-in by specifying which resources can be used with your scanner.

Further settings

You can make further useful settings for each resource under Check-In.

Enable multiple check-in:

If visitors are allowed to leave and return to the area during their booking time, allow multiple check-in.

Release capacity:

Allow the release of unused capacity after check-out to allow other visitors to book in this time slot.

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