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How do I enable and use mobile notifications? (SMS, WhatsApp)
How do I enable and use mobile notifications? (SMS, WhatsApp)

Do you want to notify your customers via Test Messages and WhatsApp? This article will show you how to do that.

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anny lets you expand your customer communication with mobile notifications. You can optionally send your customers SMS, WhatsApp or Telegram notifications.

Your advantages?

You gain a unique selling proposition compared to other providers, as customers receive a push message as soon as changes are made to their booking. In addition, support requests due to errors in the email address, your inbox will stay free of support emails.

How do I activate mobile notifications?

The feature can be activated in your account settings (Edit account > Messages > Mobile notifications). The feature is available from the Essential plan on, it might not be visible in the test phase.

1. Open anny in the admin area

2. Navigate to "Account Settings" at the top right above your avatar

3. Select the "Notifications" tab

4. Activate the mobile notification and then choose which type of messages should be sent.

In the checkout, your customer can decide whether they want to receive further notifications.

Note: Charges apply for the use of mobile notifications. You can find the fees here, in your current plan.

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