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Personalization of online tickets
Personalization of online tickets

Providers can allow the personalization of tickets. Find out what the feature can do.

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When do you need personalized tickets?

Personalized tickets are always needed if the person making the booking is not the same person in whose name the ticket is to be issued. In other words, a parent makes a booking for their child, a team leader books for their employees or you book something for your friends. Personalization is particularly practical for:

  • Events such as concerts, theater, and other events

  • Test and vaccination appointments for relatives

  • Different billing address for bookings in the name of the company

  • Swimming pool admission for the whole family

How do I activate personalization in the admin area?

Personalization is very easy to activate in anny's booking system:

Resource > Services/Booking options > Edit > Form > Personalization

In addition, the provider can also require personalization and an individual address.

What does the booking with personalization look like?

Personalization is seamlessly integrated into the booking process. In the shopping cart, the customer is asked to assign individual tickets from their shopping cart to people - this can also be the person making the booking.

With anny, each person for whom a booking has been made receives their own email with their personal ticket. The person who has booked for everyone receives the booking confirmation for the entire order.

Personalized customer in CRM

But what makes anny's personalization so advanced? Quite simply: the customer data of the personalized tickets is not just stored as additional information for the booking, but is treated as a separate customer data record.

This means that anny's customer database can also be used to search explicitly for customers of personalized tickets. If a new booking is made for this person - or the person books for themselves - all bookings are correctly assigned and displayed in the history.

Group bookings in one go

With the booking system from anny, group bookings can be made in one go - smart and user-friendly. Have you tried a personalized booking yourself?

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