Irregular schedules

With this feature, anny offers the possibility to differentiate between regular and irregular availabilities.

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The difference between regular and irregular schedules is very simple. Do I have constant and recurring opening hours (regular schedule)? Or are my availabilities non-recurring and changing (irregular schedule)? The quantity can also potentially vary.

What are irregular schedules suitable for?

It is not always possible to specify clear opening times or recurring availability. Whether sports, pottery, or language courses: courses of all kinds are often planned in advance for a short period of time, but not for the whole year. Availability also depends on the personnel available. As you can see, the irregular schedules are also suitable for displaying shift and duty rosters.

Other areas of application include Consultations with changing shift schedules, weather-related courses, hairdressing salons, personally used equipment or rooms that are only available on an irregular basis under supervision.

How do I set up an irregular schedule?

To use the irregular schedule, you have to add an irregular schedule. A new resource is created by default with a regular schedule. You can find the setting under:

Resource > Settings > Availability > Irregular schedules

Instead of your weekly availabilities, you now enter your individual availabilities (times & quantities) using the "Add availability" button. Each availability must be created respectively.

Conclusion: opt-in instead of opt-out:

Maintaining availabilities instead of blocking automatic availabilities follows a so-called opt-in procedure. Although this mode requires regular maintenance, it also offers actively designed planning. Do you have changing opening hours and changing capacity? Then the irregular schedules are just right for you!

If you want to opt out of schedules instead, you can use blockers as shown here.

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