Dashboard with Widgets for Optimal Booking Management

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Welcome to your Dashboard!

Here, you have full control over your bookings and can conduct crucial analyses.

Widgets for Booking Analysis

To effectively analyze your bookings, you have access to various widgets.

  1. Heat Map
    The Heat Map provides a visual overview of the temporal distribution of your bookings. At a glance, you can identify when most bookings occur.

  2. New Bookings by Date
    The digram "New Bookings by Date" indicates when the booking was made by your customer.

  3. Bookings by Date
    Here you can see how many bookings take place per weekday.

  4. Balance and Financial Overview
    Keep track of your finances with the Balance widget. Here, you can monitor online transactions and ensure everything runs smoothly.

  5. Booking Requests
    In the list of pending booking requests, you retain an overview and can accept request directly

  6. The clock is purely decorative and has no functionality

  7. Next Up
    Here you can see the upcoming bookings and check them in directly.

Customize Layout

Arrange Widgets

Arrange your widgets by click and drag using the 6 grey dots.

Add Widgets

Add new widgets through the Add Widgets button.


Apply filters to all widgets for resources or booking options.

Save Charts

Export the charts directly as PNG files using the three horizontal lines in your widget.

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