SSO Troubleshooting

In diesem Artikel erfährst du, wie du die häufigsten Fehler bei der Einrichtung von SSO behebst.

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404: Page not found

If this error occurs, check whether the identity provider has been activated. Activate the Identity Provider via the three dots > Activate.

Microsoft Azure: AADSTS50105

This error occurs when users have to be explicitly added to the application in Microsoft and have not yet been added. There are two ways to fix this problem:

1. do not require users to be assigned

To do this, go to the application in Microsoft Azure and then to Property. Set the "Require assignment" option to "No".

2. assign users to the application

You can add the users to the application who are allowed to log in via it. To do this, go to your application in Microsoft Azure and then to Users and groups. Add the users who should have access here.

Signatur fehlt

This error means that the SAMLResponse, which is sent as a response from the identity provider to anny, is not signed. We always require a signed SAMLResponse. Make sure that the signature is added in your IDP.


To enable signing in Microsoft Azure, go to Application > Single sign-on > SAML certificates > Edit. Make sure that the option "Sign SAML response and assertion" is selected under Signature option.

Email address is missing

When logging in as an M365 administrator via the Wayfless link or by clicking on the Test Connection button, it is important to note which user you are currently logged in to M365 with. An administrator user without a license for Exchange/Outlook and without their own email address cannot log in to Anny. First switch to your regular M365 account and perform the login process again.

Network error due to incomplete attribute mapping:

In principle, attribute mapping is not required for SSO login. However, it can be used later for automatic assignment to booking areas/roles. Mapping rules without content or assignment can lead to errors during login, as anny attempts to apply the rules during the login process. remove the created rules and test the login again.

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