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How do I post the payment or collection from anny in my accounting software?

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If you have integrated Stripe Connect into your anny account, it is important to keep track of the financial transactions correctly in your accounting software. Here is a detailed guide on what you need to do:

  1. Set up an account for anny Stripe Connect:

    • Create a new account in your accounting software that functions in the same way as a bank account. This account represents your anny Stripe Connect account.

    • Post all incoming and outgoing payments that are processed via anny to this account.

  2. Posting of incoming and outgoing payments:

    • Use the CSV file or the import of all (cancellation) invoices from anny to post transactions to the anny Stripe Connect account.

    • A payment from anny to your bank account is a transfer between the two accounts and does not require a separate receipt.

  3. posting of fees:

    • Book the fee invoice for the use of Stripe Connect as an expense that has been paid from your anny Stripe Connect account.

  4. Handling CSV files and PDF invoices:

    • For each payout, anny provides a CSV file with all transactions and a PDF invoice for the payment fees.

    • These documents help you to keep your bookkeeping up-to-date and correct.

Why do I have a negative payout and a withdrawal from my bank account?

Sometimes it can happen that a refund cannot be fully covered by the current balance of your Stripe account. In these cases, the refund will still be processed, and the missing balance will be deducted from your deposited bank account. Here are two typical scenarios:

  • Case A: Cancellation before payout without sufficient credit: If you cancel a booking and there is insufficient credit from other payments, the refund amount will be greater than the balance. As anny does not refund the fees in the event of a refund, there will be a difference. These fees will be charged collectively in the next payout.

  • Case B: Cancellation after payout: If a cancellation is made after the payment has already been paid out (e.g., triggered by an admin), the Stripe balance cannot cover the payout because it has already been cleared to 0. In this case, the amount will be debited from your bank account. The anny fees have already been charged in the previous payout.

In both cases, there is no special invoice or separate document for the collection, as it has either already been settled or will be included in the next settlement. The collection is also to be regarded as a transfer posting in your accounting.

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