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Cancellation of Bookings in your Admin Area
Cancellation of Bookings in your Admin Area

In our Admin Area, you have the ability to manage bookings and cancel them if needed.

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How do I cancel a booking?

The cancellation process is straightforward:

  1. Locate the relevant booking in your anny Account. select bookings in the menu and choose the booking you wish to cancel.

  2. Select your desired action. Click on the menu icon and choose between Cancel / Reject.


When you cancel a booking, the amount will be refunded according to the specified cancellation conditions. This means that depending on the established conditions, a certain percentage of the original booking amount will be reimbursed.


Declining a booking means that the full amount will be refunded to the customer. This may occur for various reasons, whether due to unforeseen circumstances or other specific grounds warranting a complete refund.

It's crucial to differentiate between these two options to ensure the correct course of action is taken, meeting both the customer's and your interests.

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